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From the Mathematics Department, Washington State University
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This page is maintained by David C. Barnes. My personal HomePage is at http://www.sci.wsu.edu/math/faculty/barnes/david.htm

Here is the first contribution to this page. It is the

"Classical" Sprint Simtel Archive,

and I stole it from the Simtel link at http://www.acs.oakland.edu/oak/, however, there are no longer Sprint files at that location.

Here is an FTP mirror of the

Compuserve Applications Forum Sprint library.

This is a very large collection (about 4.69 megs) of Sprint related files. Here is a file named 00ReadMe.txt (130 kbytes) that tells what is there. You may also get the entire library as a large one lump ZIP file.

Thanks to Justin Simms for giving me this stuff to post here.

The "Official Borland Sprint" Stuff is located at: (Thanx to Rev. Joe Fremer for giving me this link.)


However, for some reason you can not access this link from the standard Borland HomePage located at http://www.borland.com. We do not know why.

If that link ever goes away (which, considering Borlands treatment of us Sprinters, may be at any time) then you may still get it all here in a one lump zip file:

Borlands "Official" stuff, (523,371 bytes).


It decompresses into 50 or so zip files that, in turn, decompress into usable stuff.

There is a mailing list for Sprint. if want to send an Email to everyone in the entire Sprint mailing list then you may simply send one Email to:


This is a good way to get answers to questions and make other contacts with Sprinters.

You may also download my Sprint Icon. It is just a little picture of the Sprint "starting gun" . Soon, I will be posting a number of my other macros so check back now and then.

If you are interested in making Web pages using Sprint you might try this link. It gives a way of converting Scribe format (which is the precursor to the Sprint macro language) into HTML.


I have never used this method (I use MS-FrontPage) but it might work OK. If you try this send me your opinion of it and I'll post your review here.

Please be aware that there may be bugs and other vermin in the vicinity of this site. Any such insects should be brought to my attention. I give you my

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