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Mathematical/Computing Stuff

1 NEWS.COM +++
MicroProcessor News
TechWeb News: All Stories
BYTE Magazine +++
Jerry Pournelle +++
How to get my job by JerryP A very good link dealing with the art of scientific writing.+++
Wired News
Wired Article about the undersea FLAG cable.+++ Perhaps I should have given this site a *** ???
Sydney Morning Herald - Computers
Welcome to CNET Online


Stallman. ***
The Electronic Frontier Foundation ***
Differential Equations Software +++
Emacs ***
Emacs & Ching-Mo Chang ***
Fortran +++
Hobbes' Internet Timeline The History of the Internet.*** +++ an Ad Blocker
ID LOGIC World Time Clock from PRS Corporation
Idea Project Java Code Generator Data File, WSU Math
Lycos TOP 5% Topic: Software Archives +++
Resources GEEK-GIRL provides *** -- the way to find shareware on the Internet
The official Anti-Microsoft homepage
UNIX Reference Desk ***
Webgrrls ***
Welcome to Borland Online
WSU IEEE Image Library
WSU Reference Shelf

SoftWare Archives. Many of these links are out of date but most are still active and very useful. Things change so fast that I can not always keep up.

Barry 95- Software, Support & Silliness
ClubWin Member Home Pages
CSUSM Windows World
DOS Utilities
File Mine -- Dig Our Downloads of Shareware, Games and Commercial
Frank Condron's Windows 95 / Windows NT Page
Microsoft Windows 95 Home Page
Net Ex Unofficial Windows 95 Software Archive!
PC Magazine Online -- Downloads Area
Galttech Shareware Zone Browse by directory
Simtel.Net - Keith Petersen's Shareware Distribution Network
Strouds software achive
SuperDIR 95
Surfin's Selection of The Best Win95 Apps
The Simtel.Net MS-DOS Collection Contents
The Simtel.Net MS-DOS Collection, simtelnet/msdos/arcers/
The Simtel.Net Windows 95 Collection Contents
The Unofficial ClubWin Windows 95 Home Page
TuCows collection of software.
Welcome to
Windows 95 Live Software Archive
Windows Archive
ZD Net Software Library - Top Rated Shareware

HTML Stuff

WSU Public UNIX www Homepage Instructions ***
IBM techexplorer product page for V1.2 A plugin for reading TeX files+++
Help with HTML ***
HTML Bad Style Page
HTML Documentation Table of Contents ***
HTML Math Overview
HTML Quick Reference (10/11/95) ***
HTML Reference Manual ***
HTML Special Characters
HyperText Markup Language (HTML): Working and Background

XML. The eXtended Markup Language. A proper sub-set of SGML. Many say that XML will replace HTML. Perhaps...

FAQ for the Extensible Markup Language
Presenting XML
SGML markup language.

OnLine Math. Journals

Yahoo! - Science:Mathematics:Journals +++
New York Journal of Mathematics Home Page
Pacific Journal of Mathematics - Index of electronic issues


Some other useful WWW-links
The OpenMath Home Page
IBM techexplorer product page for V1.2
MiKTeX Project Page
Native 32-bit TeXing on PC
(La)TeX navigator
Directory of /pub/tex
Directory of /pub/tex/ctan/systems/msdos
Directory of /pub/tex/ctan/systems/win32/miktex
Directory of /tex-archive/macros/latex2e/base
Don Knuth's Home Page
Free TrueType fonts
Interesting TeX-related URLs
Jasper /pub/tex/ctan/systems/msdos/emtex
outstanding links
TeX from
TeX Users
TeX Users Group Home Page
Tricks for TeX and LaTeX

Hackin and Crackin. Some of what you will find in the next 3 links and the spawn of them may be illegal! You must not use University computers to implement un-licensed software. Tools for Hacking +++
The TazZone Top 500 Current Standings for the Hacking_Phreaking +++

Stuff for My Machine. It is a Gateway2000 with a 133hz processor, 2.5 gig hard drive and is aging rapidly. Many of the things here are useful for other machines.

Welcome to The PC Guide!
A Cookie Blocker +++
More About Cookies +++
A Web Monitor
All about Emacs Editors. +++
Andrew Starr's Eudora for Windows Page+++
Talk To Us About Eudora
Download Netscape Navigator Software
McAfee Home Page +++
Netscape Browser Plug-ins
Setting up for MIDI
Welcome to Gateway 2000
XEmacs Editor FAQ [1/6] +++

All of the following stuff has a +++ associated with it.

Slide Rule Trading Post
Yahoo! - Science:Mathematics
BC Yellowpages - Art By Math
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
History of Mathematics
Internet Center for Mathematics Problems
Inverse Problems Home Page (Univ. of Ala.)
IPNet Home Page
Math Forum Internet Collection - mathsoftware (Annotated)
Mathematical Quotation Server
Mathematics Archives at U. Tenn. Knoxville
Mathematics education sites
MathSciNet Home Page
Partial Differential Equations libraries
Pavilion of Polyhedreality
Search PI
Fun with PI
Search the Combined Membership Lists
The Miraculous Bailey-Borwein-Plouffe Pi Algorithm
Xah: Special Plane Curves: Related HyperLinks
Xah: Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves
Xah's homepage: More
Yahoo! - Science:Mathematics

Mathematica and Related

Mathematica Notebooks
Mathematica Page
Mathematica World
Roman E. Maeder (Home Page)
The Mathematica Journal
VisualDSolve: Home Page
Wolfram Research, Makers of Mathematica

Searching and Navigating the WWW

All-in-One Search Page
Alta Vista: Search Engine's Main Page ***
Excite +++
Excite People Finder
Finding NewsGroups
Infoseek Guide
JC's Search Engines
Lycos, Inc. Home Page
Yahoo! ***

Virtual Education

Gateways to Virtual WSU
Lycos Technology Guide
Virtual University News
Virtual University News
Virtual WSU
VU Workplan Deliverables and Meeting Summaries
WLH - Mathematics
UC Berkeley Extension Online
California Virtual University
NOW Project

OnLine Publications

Math. Journals

Yahoo! - Science:Mathematics:Journals +++
New York Journal of Mathematics Home Page
Pacific Journal of Mathematics - Index of electronic issues
Wired +++
PC Week
c|net radio
Pathfinder Table of Contents
PC Magazine on the Web
PC Magazine Top 100 Web Sites
Site map for Zif-Davis
Today on HotWired!
Welcome page for the Journal "Nature."


Hormel Foods Corporation

Nazis and other A** Holes.

Hall of Shame+++ +++ I think that the best way to put down these A**'s is to expose them for the ding-bats they are. The Hall of Shame does a good job of that.
Knights Main Page
Ku Klux Klan Christian Identity, Confederate
NAAWP of America
National Headquarters Homepage
Northwest Regional Office


FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
Library of Congress WWW/Z39.50 Gateway
Library of Congress Z39.50 Server (EZ Search Form)
Representative Rick White
US Congressional Internet Caucus


Air Safety Home Page +++
Airlines on the WEB
New & Noteworthy
the world's airlines

An Assortment of HomePages

Women in Math -- Associations
American Schools K-12
Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
The WSU Library Griffin+++
WSU Public UNIX www Homepage Instructions ***
WSU School of EECS Home pages

Cheaters. Yes, Professors know about these sites. We also know about search engines and we might be able to catch folks who use these links to cheat on papers.
Term Paper
Term Paper Warehouse


"mirror" sites
Jet Propulsion
Mars Pathfinder Mission - Home Page
Silicon Graphics
Sun Microsystems