Women in Mathematics, Science, and Elsewhere.

Dedicated to Augusta Ada Byron,
Countess of Lovelace (1815-1852)

Ada's father was the well known poet Lord George Gordon Byron. She was the assistant and patron of Charles Babbage and wrote programs for his Analytical Engine; it is generally agreed that she was the first true Computer Programmer. However, there are other views on that subject that are starting to emerge. Here is Ada's HomePage. The programming language "ADA" is named after her and here is a link to the Ada Language HomePage.

Alas, Ada's fatal flaw was an addiction to gambling. She came near to loosing her family's entire fortune at the gaming tables of Europe before she died of cancer. During her last days of intense pain from the cancer her mother would not allow her to have any of the pain killers of that day (usually a mixture of alcohol and opium) saying that "the pain would purify her soul"!

Next, we give a set of links to a great variety of information concerned with women in many different ways.

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Grace Murray Hooper is a modern day counterpart to Ada (Except for the gambling.)

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A searchable site of links to many sources of information. A kind of "YAHOO" for women.

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